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Thanks for reaching out to purchase my books!

I have newly published It’s Just a Potato hot off the press and my first book, Crazy Hair, available for sale. Be sure to get them both for your library! 

It’s Just a Potato tells the tale of a “particular” (picky!) eater who struggles through many meals, facing the fear
of trying new foods. Soon our “hero” learns to be brave and take a bite. Sometimes it is just a potato!

Crazy Hair shares the experiences of a kiddo with wild and unruly hair as she learns that each one of us is unique, individual and gorgeous. Crazy Hair teaches kids to recognize differences and be confident in who they are.

Both books target preschool through 2nd-grade children, but the messages resonate long through adulthood.

Purchase signed and dedicated books on their own or packaged as gift.

Crazy Hair gift packs include a comb and a brush, plus headbands OR a knit skull cap perfect for a little boy.

It’s Just a Potato gift packs include a brightly colored, plastic place setting, including spoon, fork, kid-friendly knife,
bowl, plate and a fun, wiggly straw.


Signed and dedicated copy of It’s Just a Potato $12

Signed and dedicated copy of Crazy Hair $12

BOTH books signed and dedicated $20

It’s Just a Potato gift pack $18

Crazy Hair gift pack - for girls

Crazy Hair gift pack - for boys

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